Homily for the 2nd Sunday of Lent Year B (2/28/2021)

Deacon Chuck          

Relationship, Love, and Selfless Obedience

We are a Resurrection people.

We are a people on a desert journey.

We are a people on a journey to the Promised Land.

We are a people who Christ has gone to make a room for us in the Kingdom of the Father.

You may say: Deacon what are you talking about?

This is not the Easter Season this is the Lenten Season.

And so you would be correct.


Today is the 2nd Sunday of Lent. Year B in the Lectionary Cycle.

We are into the full 2nd week of Lenten practices.

So I ask you to look at your Lent thus far?

How is it going for you?

Are you feeling like a resurrection people?

Are you feeling like a people on a desert journey?

Have you given thought to the fact that Jesus is making a room in the Fathers House for you?


The journey of Lent is all about 3 things, as I said in the beginning, Relationship, Love, and Selfless Obedience.

But now you could say: Deacon are you confused again?

Isn’t Lent about Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving?

And you are right again.


But let’s look at Lent in a different perspective.

Let’s look at Lent in the perspective of seeking a closer relationship with God.

Is one of the 3 pillars of Lent; Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving, more important than the others?


Let’s take them one at time.


Is prayer the most important factor in our Lenten journey?


Prayer: seeking Relationship, dialogue, understanding, and knowledge of God.

Taking time to listen to the call of Jesus in our lives.

Taking time to meditate on God’s will for our lives.

Questioning if we are living our lives by our own will, or are we striving to live our lives in accordance with God’s will.

Does this not sound like times that God is calling us into solitude?

To speak to Him of our needs and desires to understand Him in our life.

To listen to Him and hear Him speak to our hearts and minds about the path of our souls on the narrow road to salvation.

To seek the Holy Spirit.

Yes, so this Prayer time, in this season of Lent, is seeking a deeper Relationship with our God. A hearing and listening in our waking, and in our going about our daily works, and in our laying down to rest at days end.


Or, maybe Fasting is the most important factor in our Lenten journey?


Fasting: the setting aside of our own desires, our comforts, our setting aside the feeding of our bodies to make time for feeding our souls.

There is nothing like the feeling of hunger to remind us that we have not fed our bodies in the usual manner and pleasure as we normally do each day.

And why fast?

Is it to take us out of our normal routine?

To empty ourselves of our own desires and wants?

Is it to remind us of who we are living for, and what is being asked of us?

Yes, it is all of these things and so much more.

According to the scriptures we empty ourselves to allow God to stretch us to receive all of the gifts that He wishes to fill us with.

For if we are filled with everything that we desire and want where will be the room for the graces that God wishes to pour down on us?

So yes, Fasting is Love.

Love of God in empting ourselves in body mind and spirit to allow God to be the dominate guide in our lives.

To set ourselves aside to allow His will, and His graces, and His love to fill our lives.


Or, maybe Almsgiving is the most important factor in our Lenten journey?


Almsgiving: to take what we have been given and to give it away. To care for the poor, the indigent, and the lost. To give to others that they may find their way also.

There is a saying that I learned many years ago, and have never forgotten. A very sober saying when we meditate on its meaning. I am not sure to whom the saying is attributed.


Almsgiving: is it not the Selfless Obedience to God’s word?

To feed, support, and care for others, as we are able, in our world around us.

One other saying that I have never forgotten, I believe it is attributed to St. Augustine;


So the next time we look through our closet we need to look at how much of our Brothers and Sisters clothing we are hoarding.

So, Selfless Obedience, is it not the command of God to Almsgiving?


So, Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving, is there one of these that is more important than the others in our Lenten practices?

No, each grows and supplements the other in our seeking a deeper relationship with our God. Each of them help us to see, to listen, to grow, in the knowledge of God’s will in our lives.

Each of them help us to be strong in our walking the narrow path the Jesus asks us to walk.


I encourage you to re-read the scriptures passages that we have heard in Mass today.

We see in these passages Prayer (Relationship) in the Psalm:

“O Lord, I am your servant, the son of you handmaid, you have loosed my bonds”.


And in Abraham’s total trust in His relationship to God, holding nothing back from the Lord.

In total fast even to the trust of giving of his only Son, trusting that God’s word, His promises would be fulfilled.


And in total gift of God’s gift of a Son to Abraham, and Abraham’s willingness to give that gift back to God.


We are a resurrection people in our trust and faithfulness before our God.

We are a people on a desert journey, trusting in the promises and graces of God.

And, yes, we are a people on a journey to the Promised Land.


This Lent, if we have not already done so, let us put our lives, our desires, our salvation in the hands of God who never fails to return a hundred fold to those who put their trust in Him

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