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September 11, 2020


Greetings and blessings to you all.  Holy Cross is busy with many happenings in the next few weeks!

We are currently transitioning our communication vehicle to Flocknote.  We should be up and running in a couple of weeks with a weekly Newsletter that will share much of the information found in this email.  Please look for a sign up invitation soon. Thank you for your patience.

Christian Formation registration is currently up and running.  We thank all the families who have registered thus far. We are excited about our new program called Whole Family Catechesis that forms parents and children together in the faith. We will meet monthly with resources and support provided to our families. The first Sunday we gather will be September 20th at 9:15am. Please register here if you have not yet done so.  The registration deadline is this Sunday, September 13th. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1JLfNdac7kTpqsMkpQ6R3oyABDA4Owy9eJOk10E

We will begin our weekly youth formation this Sunday, Sept 13th at 8pm via Zoom.  This fall we will discuss what it means to be Catholic and how to live our faith. We will use Fr Mike Schmitz’s series to answer engaging questions that our teens pose about their catholic faith and living as a disciple of Jesus. Kaky will be sending out Zoom links.  We will also gather socially each month for fun and fellowship.  Ideas include hiking, biking, fun in the park, movie night, etc. The first gathering will be on Sunday, Oct 3rd from 5-7 pm. More details will be forthcoming.

The Young Adult group met this week and has plans for many exciting upcoming events and gatherings.  If you would like to become involved with this group, please contact Kaky Bowden.  The next Beer and Belief is Wednesday, October 14th at with parishioner Anya Lombard talking about Faithful Citizenship. Location TBD

The Thursday Adult Faith Sharing group will resume meeting on Thursday, September 24 at 6:30pm both here at the church and virtually.  We will also be offering this same program on Thursday mornings at 10am both here at the church and virtually. The next series will be revealed soon. If you are interested in learning more about this faith opportunity, contact Kaky Bowden.

If you enjoy learning about the Bible, then tune in for Jeff Cavin’s Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible. This is a wonderful opportunity to participate in a FREE study led by Jeff. He will be leading the Bible study that he wrote live on Facebook and the Ascension Press website starting on September 16th at 8pm. Please click on the website www.ascensionpress.com to learn more about this opportunity and how to register and get on the email list.

Another opportunity for formation is discussing faithful citizenship. With the elections approaching, The United States Conference of Catholic gives us a teaching document on the political responsibility of Catholics. This document on Faithful Citizenship represents our guidance for Catholics in the exercise of our rights and duties as participants in our democracy. We will meet to discuss this document on Sunday, October 11th immediately after the 8am Mass in the Commons. Here is the link to the USCCB document: https://www.usccb.org/offices/justice-peace-human-development/forming-cons

Holy Cross will participate in gleaning apples in Bedford County of Saturday, September 19 in the morning.  We will either be gleaning at Johnson’s or Gross’ Orchard.  Come bring your families to gather fallen eatable apples to share with the hungry. Also, please continue our fun with a picnic and hike at the Peaks of Otter! Please use the signup genius here if you plan to come to one or both!    Apple Gleaning with Holy Cross

The Pastoral Council continues to meet to develop a strategic plan for our parish based on your desires and responses from the parish survey. They have focused their attention on four areas of concentration. They are liturgy, parish life, faith formation and the future of our parish.  Through more collaboration, discernment of gifts, and a thorough self-assessment, Holy Cross hopes to share with you the Mission and Vision we have as a parish family.

Monday, September 14 is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. This feast traces its beginning to Jerusalem and the dedication of the church built on the site of Mount Calvary in 335. But the meaning of the cross is deeper than any city, any celebration, any building. The cross is a sign of suffering, a sign of human cruelty at its worst. To the eyes of the first Christians, it had nobeauty. It stood outside too many city walls, decorated only with decaying corpses, as a threat to anyone who defied Rome’s authority—including Christians who refused sacrifice to Roman gods.

Nevertheless, by Christ’s love shown in the Paschal Mystery, it has become the sign of triumph and victory, the sign of God, who is love itself. Believers have always looked to the cross in times of suffering. People in concentration camps, in prisons, in hospitals, in any place of suffering and loneliness, have been known to draw, trace, or form crosses and focus their eyes and hearts on them.  During this time of Covid, natural disasters, poverty and war, we have done the same. The cross does not explain pain and misery. It does not give us any easy answers. What is does is to help us see our lives united with Christ’s.

September 8, 2020


Whole Family Catechesis

  • The time for Whole Family Catechesis each month is Sunday, 9:15-10:45am
  • The second time for Whole Family Catechesis each month is Wednesday, 6pm
  • The time for Sacramental prep each month is Sunday, 9:15-10:45am
  • All other programs that fall on Sundays are also at 9:15-10:45am
  • The monthly family service opportunities (in green) vary as to time so they will be announced closer to date

This 20-21 academic year, Holy Cross will have new faith formation program for our families with children. Instead of the grade level catechesis that we have had in the past, we are introducing new ways of approaching catechesis and religious education. Holy Cross will implement a new program called “Whole Family Catechesis”. 

What is Whole Family Catechesis?

A program that forms parents and children together in the faith.  Whole Family Catechesis, WFC, allows parents to take a more central role in their own child’s faith formation. With Covid still in our midst, having conventional Sunday “classes” is not feasible and we are trying new, creative ways to engage families.  Parents have the most influence in sharing and living the faith with their children.  Instead of a child -focused program, we want to include the parents in a family setting.  WFC takes a different approach by forming parents and children together. The goal of the program is to highlight and support family life while they grow with one another in service, knowledge and love of Christ and the Church. This is a positive chance for families to grow together creating bonds in faith that will last a lifetime.

How will this work?

Families will attend a monthly seventy- five minute mini-retreat that is theme based within the framework of the liturgical year. These “gatherings” would be at the parish in person or via Zoom.  These gatherings will happen on Sundays or Wednesday evenings.  At these family gatherings, parents receive clear resources that guide them in learning and sharing with their children that will equip, inspire and provide opportunities for spiritual growth at home.  Families will receive support each month from the faith formation team. 

In WFC family approach:

  • Parents are equipped with knowledge and tools to help them understand their faith better and to grow in their relationship with Christ.  Parents may then share their faith more abundantly with their children.
  • Families are able to practice engaging their faith. With encouragement, families are able to pray together, talk about faith issues, and have more family time.  Sunday/Wednesday gatherings provide a time and place for them to actually do it and learn what it looks like to model this at home.
  • Families can have fun learning about their faith! In our busy culture, families have less and less time when they can be present to each other (and having fun). Give this gift to your family.

In addition to the monthly family gathering, parents will have the support and resources from a team of catechists who will walk with them in sharing their faith with their families at home. These would include assistance in praying, understanding Scripture, Celebrating Feast days, and sharing YouTube videos, handouts and links to other pertinent resources. The catechists hope to   empower families during the month.

Women’s Spiritual Book Club

If you have a passion for reading and also want to develop spiritually, here is a book club for you! Journey with other women as we reflect, share and pray on various topics to ensure our spiritual formation, while connecting with fellow parishioners in deepening our faith and how God is speaking to each one of us. This is a place of friendship and encouragement.

Meetings: Every other Wednesday 1-2:30pm (virtually at present)
Examples of books read: Radical Spirit, Kitchen Table Wisdom
Contact:  Kaky Bowden at kbowden@holycrosslynchburg.org

Little Rock Scripture Study

Little Rock Scripture Study provides an effective method of Bible study that shapes God’s people into faithful and active disciples. Through prayer and study, adults learn more about the Bible and its message, learn to use the tools that help in understanding, grow in their appreciation for Christian community life, and encounter Christ in ways that are transforming.

We meet as a group in the mornings and evenings.  It is an ideal way to enrich our understanding of the Bible and to appreciate how it applies to life is to study with others, sharing what we have learned and praying together.





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